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I'm Ready To Get Re-charged!

I didn’t have time to care for myself….until I ran out of time.


Hey there, I’m Linda!


A travel-holic and dancing machine, I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy by profession but my lifelong career has been as a caregiver. 


I’m passionate about health and wellness but over a decade of putting myself last left me battling numerous health issues, feeling completely burned out, and desperate for relief. So I began a journey into more holistic wellness and my health, life, and finances were completely changed. I decided to take my love of educating others and combine it with my love for wellness and create The Soul Filled Society, a space for other like-minded caregivers who are seeking knowledge on how to reconnect within and get relief using holistic and alternative options. 


You may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and disconnected caring for others but you’re not alone.  Come and join our group of fierce female caregivers and reignite your passions. You’ll legit have enough energy to go and take over the world!


Ready for life changing transformation? #Leggo!

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